Top Picks from NYFW for Practical Clothes that Tall Women Can Wear

New York Fashion Week recently came and went, debuting trends, designs, and fashions that will soon hit the racks in time for spring of 2017. This season, I went to the Zac Posen show because I generally like his lady-like approach to women’s ready-to-wear.

theresaonthetown-Practical Clothes that Tall Women Can Wear

Seated at the Zac Posen NYFW Spring/Summer 2017 show

In recently talking to a designer – whose collections can be found in major department stores – I learned something interesting. While samples are designed for taller women, the clothes sold in the stores have to be sized for  the women who shop in these stores. This woman, on average, is around 5’6″. That’s a bummer for tall women.

So, while it’s cool to see all the lovely clothes on the runways – modeled by tall women – I want to look at which clothes are actually practical -and- wearable for everyday women of height once they hit the stores. I’ve broken out some of these looks by designer/brand and by price point: moderate and designer. Continue reading

Key Things to Keep in Mind to Travel to Cuba Legally

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I traveled to Cuba with four other wonderfuls. It was an amazing trip and I’m fortunate that we were able to go because Cuba is not a country that Americans can easily travel to.

theresaonthetown-travel to cuba legally

Unfortunately, the law, rules, and regulations are not very clear and, while they are changing rapidly, there isn’t much information on the Internet.

So, the specific purpose of this post is to answer the most pressing questions that you may have on your mind when thinking about how to travel to Cuba legally. I’ll write a separate post with my itinerary and, of course, pictures! Continue reading

My First Sample Sale with CFDA Fashion Incubator

IMG_7012A couple months ago, I got an email about an upcoming sample sale. See the first tip in this post about staying in the loop of clothing deals (and other events, promos, etc).

I have received emails about sample sales before, but never made it to one. What struck my curiosity about this one, specifically, is that it was for the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Incubator class. They are a new wave of designers supported by the CFDA.

Each designer in the class has space in the Incubator studios located in the Garment District. That’s where the sale was held. I was excited to see the behind of scenes of where these designers curate their collections. Also, I recognized one particular brand that I like – Brother Vellies. So, I really wanted to check out this event!

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