My First Sample Sale with CFDA Fashion Incubator

IMG_7012A couple months ago, I got an email about an upcoming sample sale. See the first tip in this post about staying in the loop of clothing deals (and other events, promos, etc).

I have received emails about sample sales before, but never made it to one. What struck my curiosity about this one, specifically, is that it was for the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Incubator class. They are a new wave of designers supported by the CFDA.

Each designer in the class has space in the Incubator studios located in the Garment District. That’s where the sale was held. I was excited to see the behind of scenes of where these designers curate their collections. Also, I recognized one particular brand that I like – Brother Vellies. So, I really wanted to check out this event!

theresaonthetown-cfda fashion incubator

CFDA Fashion Incubator Studio

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by someone standing outside the studio of the Charles Youssef brand. I peeked inside and was immediately captivated by this dress.

theresaonthetown-cfda fashion incubatorAlso, lo and behold, Charles was there and we ended up talking about his use of triangles and geometry, which are very prominent in his pieces. Funny, he just did an interview with The Coveteur and touched on that as well.
Charles is the creative director of the Charles Youssef brand. He’s dressed Lady Gaga! #major. He was so incredibly warm and sweet and I genuinely enjoyed meeting him. I picked up the most amazing, perfectly fitting pair of pants. Since then, I’ve visited the studio to check out more merchandise. His team – Josh and Arti – are the best!! Like Charles, they were nice, helpful, and patient with me as I tried on alot of clothes lol.
Here are other pics of me perusing the racks, along with other pieces that I liked:
theresaonthetown-cfda fashion incubator
Definitely check out his new resort collection, currently on pre-order (ships in November) and the beautiful past collections here. If you ever want to visit the studios with me, let me know!
Here’s more about the CFDA Incubator Class on the CFDA website. They were just featured by The Coveteur too! In addition to Charles, my other favorites were Alix (the best line of bodysuits!), Haus Alkire (where fashion design meets art and craftsmanship), and Brother Vellies.
theresaonthetown-cfda fashion incubator


theresaonthetown-cfda fashion incubator

Brother Vellies

theresaonthetown-cfda fashion incubator

Brother Vellies

I’ll post separately about how to navigate sample sales, I learned alot and can’t wait to share!
Have you been to a sample sale before? If so, what tips do you have? Also, aren’t Charles’ designs stunning? Make sure you check out more of the CFDA Fashion Incubator class!

3 Easy Ways to Get Free Vintage Pieces

Recently, I was rummaging through my mom’s closet. She’s always had lots of clothes and shoes. When I was younger, I had no interest in her stuff because my teenage self wanted nothing to do with her age 40 and over style. That’s how kids think right?

Fast forward 15+ years and I’m drooling over so many pieces in her closet. This suit, for example, is totally 80s…but guess what? The 80s are in and I happily took this off her hands!

theresaonthetown-Ways to Get Free Vintage Pieces

Yes, shopping at stores is great to find oldies but goodies. But also keep in mind people that you already know who may have vintage stuff and probably wouldn’t mind giving it to you for free!

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The Best Clothes to Work Out In

IMG_1999For my everyday workouts, the main things I’m looking for in my gear are:

  1. Comfort – Good weight, not too heavy or too thin. Easy to move around in
  2. Security – No slipping or falling. Snug, but not too tight. Sit right below the waist, not too low
  3. Performance – Has wicking fabric that dries fast and keeps me cool

Style is a nice to have, but not an absolute need for me because the clothes end up becoming drenched and dirty anyway :). Continue reading